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Meet the Team


The Kovim team has years of experience in managing and implementing solutions across global enterprises and medium sized businesses. We have solid practice standards and processes with proven results and always measure the effectiveness of our services.

Paru Gupta

Founder & CEO


Paru provides strategic leadership for Kovim operations, finance and client relations. She has tremendous relationships with her customers and has an innate ability to establish teams and bring state of the art solutions to customers. Prior to Kovim, Paru has over 15 years of distinguished career with Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, eTIME in leadership roles in IT, Product and Sales. At Hewlett-Packard, Paru was integral in merging Compaq and HP employee services. At Hewlett-Packard, Paru gained a reputation as an outstanding manager of customer relationships, an acute strategist and a technology leader.

Jody Young

Executive Director and VP, Creative Learning & Design


Jody leads the research and creative direction for learning products and learner experience at Kovim. During her 15-year career in corporate learning and development, she has developed competency models, prescriptive learning frameworks, career planning tools, and critical skills development programs for managers, directors, and senior corporate leaders. Jody holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Instructional & Performance Technology, which focuses on workplace learning and organizational performance. She has completed doctoral courses in Learning, Instruction & Innovation, Management, and Business Administration. Previous awards include ASTD Excellence in Practice Award and Brandon Hall Awards for her work at Hewlett-Packard.

Drew Borresen

Learning Services


Harnessing a wide variety of experience in the workplace learning field, Drew has focused his career on creating evidence-based instructional solutions for non-profit, higher education, technology, and health care organizations. His career began as a Graduate Assistant in the Instructional and Performance Technology Department at Boise State University. During his tenure at Boise State University, Drew obtained a Master's degree in Instructional and Performance Technology and a Graduate Certificate in Workplace Instructional Design.

The word “knowledge” originates from the European continent and as part of the English language is used and understood around the world.

The word “vim” has Indo-European roots and means energy. Together these two words form the basis for the Kovim name.

Kovim Knowledge Creates Energy

What is in a name?


Kovim represents the idea that Knowledge Creates Energy. The name was derived from two words that originate from cultures that span the world: Knowledge and Vim.



At Kovim, we believe that knowledge is a foundational asset of any organization. When organizations efficiently tap into the knowledge that already exists within their companies - as well as provide avenues of timely knowledge enhancement to their employees - they realize competitive advantages in the marketplace.  User Centered Design is our passion. It informs the approach to everything we do - from the services we deliver to the tools we use every day. User Centered Design is the methodology that ensures all your information, courses, programs and resources can easily be found; that your communications are memorable; and that your learning solutions produce results.

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