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Big Data Courses

Big Data Foundations (1 day)

Businesses are inundated with data that decision-makers can use to measure their business activities and customer relationships with unprecedented precision. The promise of Big Data is attractive, but how can your company navigate the complexity and noise of the Big Data industry to achieve business goals? Learn how Big Data can benefit your organization and how to begin harnessing the advantages Big Data can provide.


  • The Big Data Phenomenon

  • What is Big Data?

  • Big Data Affects Every Organization

  • Why Big Data is Disruptive

  • Practical Application

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Big Data for Business Analysis (1 day)

Big Data technologies allow companies to analyze productivity, communications, online activities, and virtually anything else across an organization. However, that is just the beginning. Big Data can highlight trends, identify relationships, and even help predict likely future outcomes, giving decision makers powerful tools for achieving business goals. With the power of Big Data, the focus shifts from “how do we measure this?’ to an intense focus on “what do we measure?” Learn how to idenitify and model key data elements that will allow you to leverage Big Data to guide important decsions.


  • Understand Your Stakeholder and Customer Relationships

  • Determine the Types of Data Most Relevant for Your Organization

  • Turn Data into Decisions

  • Influence Others using Data

  • Practical Application

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Big Data for Technologists (1 day)

While navigating the Big Data ecosystem, specifically the Hadoop ecosystem, it is easy to get lost in the wilderness of various platforms and service vendors. It is critical for engineers, developers and technology managers to understand which platform and technology is most suitable when developing a solution for their company. Once the appropriate technology has been selected, engineers need to know how to effectively use the right tools to ensure the success of their Big Data efforts. Learn about key Big Data technologies to invest in to become a real-time (Agile), predictive enterprise today and for the future.


  • Overview of the Different Big Data Technologies

  • Determine Which Big Data Technologies Fit Your Organization

  • Build Big Data Teams to Leverage Your Technology

  • Practical Application

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Big Data for Decision Makers (1 day)

Big Data is disruptive and affects everyone’s role in an organization. Do your CIOs and decision makers have experience with Big Data? Are your company’s architects and Ops reluctant to share control of the design and development process? Do your product managers have the skills and experience to leverage assets and resources effectively? Are your engineers building data-centric products and services? Are your business technology managers struggling to embrace the business advantages of Big Data? Learn how to create, grow and optimize business value using data, analytics and technology to align and execute successful transformations in every part of your organization.


  • Invest in the Right Technology for Your Organization

  • Lead Big Data Teams

  • Discover the Best Solutions by Asking the Right Questions

  • Decipher Data Models to Make Better Decisions

  • Practical Application

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