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Business Analysis Courses

Introduction to Business Analysis (1 day)

The heart of Business Analysis is to understand an organization so well that you can provide recommendations and solutions to help the organization meet its goals. Learn what a Business Analyst does, why they need a breadth of skills from many different business disciplines, and how communication, support, and influence are key to success.


  • What does a Business Analyst do?

  • Jack of All Trades: The Many Hats of Business Analysis

  • Importance of Analysis to Successful Programs and Projects

  • Gaining Buy-In: Influence, Communication & Sponsorship

  • Practical Application

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The DNA of a Good Business Analyst (1 day)

By nature, Business Analysts deal with a wide array of issues in many different contexts. Because of this, a good Business Analyst needs to possess more than just good analysis and solution identification skills. Learn more about the skills required to be a good Business Analyst.


  • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Ethics, Organization, and Trust

  • Well-Rounded Business Knowledge

  • Cutting Edge Communication Skills

  • Facilitation and Negotiation

  • Leadership and Influencing

  • Tech Skills for Technical World

  • Practical Application

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A-Z Analysis (2 days)

With a title like Business Analyst, it is not hard to image a large part of the job role is conducting different types of analyses. In fact, as a Business Analyst you need to know everything you can about the organization including the structure, policies, and operations of the organization before you can recommend any type of solution. Learn different methods to conduct Enterprise, Stakeholder, Situational, and Requirements Analysis.


  • What is Analysis?

  • Elicitation, Collaboration and Networking

  • The Lay of the Land: Enterprise Analysis

  • Understanding Your Stakeholders: Stakeholder Analysis

  • The Nitty Gritty Details: Situation Analysis

  • All We Need Is…: Requirements Analysis

  • Practical Application

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Providing Answers to Complex Issues (1 day)

At the end of the day, the ultimate value that a Business Analyst provides are the solutions identified by thoroughly analyzing every aspect of the issue. Synthesizing all of the information obtained during analysis is no easy task. Learn how to implement solutions that actually solve the business issue while accounting for organizational culture, stakeholder needs, and situational barriers.


  • Weighing the Options: Proposed Solution Assessment

  • Ready or Not?: Assessing Organizational Readiness

  • Building the Bridge: Defining Transition Requirements

  • Solution Validation

  • Are We There Yet?: Evaluating the Performance of the Solution

  • Practical Application

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