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User Centric Design

At Kovim User Centric Design is our passion, informing our approach in
everything we do from the services we deliver to the tools we use day after
day. User Centric Design is what insures that your great content can actually
be found, your communications are memorable, and learning solutions
produce results. It’s the subtle designer’s art combined with the rigor of tried
and true methods resulting in solutions that are useful and memorable. We
recognize five core principles in adopting usability as a strategy:


  • Designed to satisfy customer needs

  • Improves the productivity and efficiency of those who utilize it

  • Its simplicity makes it easy to engage in the first time and every time thereafter

  • It makes effective use of technology

  • It includes processes that uncover how to improve the user experience and
    achieve business objectives that change over time


When these principles are utilized in combination they result in solutions that are vastly better than those which ignore them. And while simple to state, the practice is always more difficult. Prioritizing customer requirements, choosing from among alternative technologies, anticipating future market opportunities are all important, but at times they must be weighed and trade-offs made amongst them. Let us work with you in making usability a foundation of successful solutions in your business.

Our Methodology

ABCs of Our Solution Process


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