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Product Managment Courses

Introduction to Product Management (1 day)

Product Managers are first, and foremost, business leaders that possess a breadth of business, technical and customer-focused skills to successfully lead product development. Learn what a Product manager does, where and why they need a breadth of skills not found in many other management positions, and how cross-functional communication and influence are key to success.


  • What does a Product Manager do?

  • Innovation: What is your passion?

  • Research, Research, Research

  • Creating the Vision, Looking at the Big Picture

  • Influencing Others

  • Practical Application

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The Business of Product Management (1 day)

Understanding marketplace trends and competition is foundational to successful product management. As a Product Manager you need to know everything you can about the market and the competition to be sure the vision for your product is on point. Does it support your company’s current business model, or does it require you to innovate business and pricing models to gain competitive advantage? Learn how to optimize a product to achieve the business goals and maximize return on investment.


  • Assessing Market Trends and Competition

  • Understanding Your Business Model

  • Innovations in Business Models and Pricing

  • Pricing as a Competitive Advantage

  • Practical Application

The Importance of the Customer for Product Managers (1 day)

Customers are key to product success, and the Product Manager is the voice of the user inside the business. Do you understand who your customers are and what they want? Are they satisfied – or even excited – with your products? Are you passionate about the user experience? Learn how to incorporate user experience and customer demographics and preferences into the design of a product to excite customers.


  • User Experience

  • Understanding Customer Segmentation and Targeting

  • Product Design that Focuses on the Customer

  • Practical Application

Product Development for Product Managers (2 days)

Product Managers need to be technically savvy to successfully manage the product lifecycle and lead product teams. This doesn’t mean a Product Manager needs to be able to code, however understanding the technology and the level of effort involved in building it is crucial to decision making throughout the product lifecycle. Being grounded in the technology is even more important in an Agile world where Product Managers need to spend more time with the development team than with anyone else inside the business. Learn how to successfully plan, lead, and manage the product lifecycle and teams with enthusiasm and success. Understand the product portfolio planning process and ensure your product aligns with company priorities.


  • Technical Skills for the Product Manager

  • Building the Plan

  • Managing the Product Lifecycle

  • Leading Product Teams in an Agile World

  • Product Portfolio Planning and Alignment

  • Practical Application

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