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we have the experience needed to design and create your next solutions

Learning Analysis, Design & Development

The first steps of implementing a learning initiative are the most important. Before training classes are scheduled or online courses are created, business goals need to be identified, knowledge gaps must be measured and documented, and objectives need to be drafted. All these steps, and more, ensure that precious training time is not wasted and measurable results occur. Our work with some of the nation's top companies  implementing countless learning initiatives has provided Kovim with the experience to help you develop a strategy for your next initiative!

Implementing new tools and applications is expensive and time consuming. Adding to the challenges is the difficulty of getting employees up to speed on the new tools and associated processes. When handled improperly business can screech to a halt and the fall out can be very detrimental. Kovim has helped train thousands of employees on new tools and applications from custom Oracle-based software implementations to new web portals and even multi-platform financial suites. Depending upon the needs of the learner, we implement live subject matter expert demonstrations, software simulations, coaching in sandbox environments, custom user guides or a combination of solutions to ensure that employees know how to use their new tools and where to go for help. Rather than risk detrimental fall out from improper transition, let us ensure your employees get up to speed quickly and business continues as usual.

Learning Analysis, Design & Strategy

IT Project Consulting 

We provide specialized IT Program and Project Management Consulting to large enterprises with complex matrix organizations and global teams.

We have world class recruiting team and we have helped multiple large enterprises with IT resource needs which are hard to find and fill.

We have a tight network of industry IT luminaries to work on our projects in leading technologies such as: Cloud, Edge Computing, AI, ML, Data Science etc.


App and Tool

Experience Design

Lets face it, everything is going digital and mobile. At Kovim we use our passion and expertise for strategy, design and technology to create transformative experiences that impact your customers, your employees and your business.

The rise of digital/mobile has presented a great opportunity that we have harnessed to provide user experiences in formats that are accessible on any device at any time. But, more importantly the format and accessibility of the content is better than ever before! Let us help you transform and deliver amazing experiences in digital/mobile era!

Operations Manuals

and mLearning

Employees are busy and have little time for training. Trying to get multiple employees in same place at the same time is almost impossible. By leveraging eLearning and mLearning your employees can learn the skills they need when and where it is convenient for them. Not only does this help with logistics, but it also increases retention by allowing employees to take courses at times that work best for them. Stop trying to herd everyone into a live or online training event and let Kovim partner with you to bring convenience to your employees!


Whiteboard Animations

Custom Whiteboard animations are a great way to engage your audience! By drafting an exciting storyline and blending it with fun animated whiteboard doodles Kovim turns complex or mundane topics into videos people actually want to watch. We can customize and integrate our whiteboard animations into a range of different products from standalone videos to interactive eLearning modules. Let us engage your audience by turning your content into a whiteboard animation!

Whiteboard Animations

Leadership Training

Leading is hard. Being a good leader is even harder! Part of being a good leader is continuously developing skills that are specific to your role. However, leaders can’t just go anywhere to sharpen their unique skillsets. We have found one of the best ways to keep leaders at there best is to create leadership cohorts that focus on skills and topics that are relevant to them. Kovim can help you identify which skills and topics are relevant, create a strategy for delivering the skills and topics, develop the necessary materials and provide facilitation support.

Leadership Training

Managment Training

From changes in team members to changes in top-level leaders, companies manage an enormous amount of change on a daily basis. Often times, the biggest obstacle of these changes is informing and educating employees about what is occurring. At Kovim, we have led teams in the midst of change and conducted Change Leadership training for some of the nation’s top companies. We have the experience needed to help you lead your employees through the change process.

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