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Provide your employees with the skills needed to succeed

Product Management

A company that develops and sells its products, pivots around those products. Products are the revenue generator, so many job functions exist to support their development and sales. This means that managing these products is key to company survival, as well as key to company growth. Learn how to build and improve your skills as a Product Manager through one or all of our interactive courses.


DevOps emerged from the fusion of Agile and Lean approaches “within operations work” and the collaboration between development and operations staff throughout all stages of the development lifecycle. Our DevOps courses will teach you how to navigate this fusion and collaboration within the context of your organization.

Business Analysis

The current Business Analysis industry trend is for the Business Analyst to do more than just a good job of gathering and managing requirements. To succeed, companies must be competitive and offer innovative solutions. So, it’s becoming more common for Business Analysts to be innovative with solution recommendations and present innovative solutions to stakeholders and sponsors that encourage stepping outside of the box to consider alternatives that are competitive, and may even be transformational for the company. Let us show you how to take an innovative mindset within your job role as a Business Analyst.


Most companies have adopted some type of Agile process within their software development teams, but the rest of the company is still doing business as usual. Moving the Agile process beyond the software development teams will help businesses survive in today's marketplace. Kovim has experience helping organizations transition into Agile or Agile-type processes and we can teach you how to implement and leverage these process within your company.

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